Pay Attention to Mesquite

Pay attention to MesquiteMesquite has an enriched lifestyle being offered. If you want to find out more as a seller or buyer, I can turn you on to some of the most engaged agents and brokers in town. Yes, Mesquite is in the midst of an amazing rise in prominence. This town should be on your short list. I am pretty hard to please, and I am finding a lot to like here!

Rolling Hills Drive

Summer 2016 Highlights

Six months ago Top Producer Pix started offering real estate photography services in Mesquite, Nevada.

I am pleased to tell the community that things have gone according to plan without deviation. For this I have the utmost gratitude to all the agents that have engaged us. You are extremely important to us. I sincerely feel we have formed a well-run team.

These results were produced right here in Mesquite. If you see anything from your listings, we have reason to celebrate.

Now, onward to the busy season. We are pulling out the stops to make sure you get the finest real estate photos we can offer on a timely basis at a fair price.

All the best, Bob Kulon


Do you want to be a Top Producer?

top producerI’d like to think that all Mesquite agents are tuned into the advantages of using professional photography to boost interest for their listings on the web. I’d like to think that, but it isn’t entirely true. (This isn’t going to be another lecture.) If greater success interests you, ask a truly successful colleague agent if professional photography gives them a leg up in turning over listings. We’ll leave it at that.

After a fair amount of research and digesting many suggestions since we started offering professional real estate photography in Mesquite, we’ve learned about the pricing, the preferences, the players, and the state of the market. Of course, I make no claims about being the least bit proficient about the total realm of real estate marketing; only the photography.

Do me a favor. First, visit our website at After you have viewed our work, immediately compare it to what you find on the multiples. You will see that there is a vast difference between the homes that are displayed with professional photography and the run-of-the-mill photos. Yes, there are a few pros from St. George that have serviced Mesquite; some produce really good work; but some don’t.

Let’s lay the cards on the table …

  • The quality of our work is right up there with the best of them. I have over 40 years of experience as a professional photographer and instructor (Dixie State).
  • Our prices are in line with the Mesquite market expectations; especially if you belong to a House Account (please read about that inside).
  • Our availability is remarkable. Real Estate photography is all we do and we are located in Mesquite.
  • We are continuously on call, not just one day a week.

If you already use us, let me extend my gratitude. If you know about us but haven’t yet tried us, what are you waiting for? When you succeed, we succeed. It’s a simple as that.

Best Regards,
Bob Kulon

Aerial Drones Photos and Videos

i know, I know, I know… I haven’t been posting to the blog lately. I’ve been taking care of business. Despite dire predictions of the summer lulls, it is anything but. September starts the rush season, so I have a ton of posts to write in short order. Let’s start with Aerial Drones…

New FAA Rules, New Skills, New Services

Recently, the FAA issued modified rules for operation of aerial drones for commercial purposes. They are covered under Part 107 of the Federal Register. Previously, commercial usage of aerial drones was governed by use of a 333 Exemption Certificate.

This all boils down to these changes … Once 333 goes away (in late August) an airman’s (pilot’s) license will no longer be required. Also, the long wait for the 333 Exemption Certificate of 4 months will be a thing of the past. (Note that there is only one company in our area with a 333 exemption. They are located in Saint George. 333 exemptions are very hard to get and rare.)

Under the new Part 107 rules, commercial operation of drones is granted in one of two ways. Existing licensed FAA pilots must take an online course and exam. Non-pilots must also have an in-person interview and take an exam (that includes general aviation knowledge) given at Dixie State.

As fate would have it…

Aerial DronesMy friend Paul from Scenic, Arizona is already a licensed pilot. Earlier this month, he went ahead and got his Part 107 Certification. When the new rules go into effect in August, he will be ready to go, legally ?and locally. And yes, liability insurance will be into effect.

Paul will be doing all the aerial work for us. In September we plan to have aerial photos available. In October we plan to have aerial video available as well. That will round out our services. We know what you want and will deliver it, all the while keeping quality in the forefront.

But wait – there’s more!

Soon to be introduced are 3D floor plans (in August) and walk-through indoor cinematic video (in September). Keep up with us as we grow. You can always give us a ring at (435) 275-5975. We serve Mesquite and surrounding areas, because, we live here!


Do the math!

I just spent an hour or so traversing the Internet to get a current idea of how some of my recent properties are fairing on the market. My observations need to be reviewed and compared to a second phenomenon. I am drawing a bit of a correlation here.


I established my real estate photography firm in Mesquite Nevada in February. I’ve been a professional photographer and business person all my life. Further, I already had a background shooting homes for agents in Saint George, Utah. I’ve lived in Mesquite for a couple of years now but I never bothered to research the real estate market in this destination city. That was my immediate first step. Along with this, I engaged with a group of professional real estate photographers from around the world to rapidly master marketing skills so I could launch my business, Top Producer Pix, on a sensible, even keel. That was four months ago and now is now.


I mentioned that I watch the local real estate market from two different vantage points. Beyond checking my personal presence on the web, I also get daily alerts from Zillow, Trulia, and I have an active search “agent” that seeks out listings that have just undergone price drops. Between these two viewpoints I am imagining a correlation. At first, this sounds a bit unrelated, agreed. Then I recalled a recent statement by a successful realtor in town. “There are about 30 agents from about 100 active that are getting market results. Of those 30, most almost always use professional photography for their listings” She also tipped me off that some of the properties I have photographed sold very quickly. That’s when I got to work monitoring the local real estate market.

And So…

If you have followed my blog you’ve probably noted a few articles about my success stories that flew into the hands of buyers. There’s more than I mention, but you get the point. After a while it seems to me that the listing agents were great business people and I did my part to support them. Deep down inside I am always trying to get the message out about the value and consequences of using professional real estate photography. The statistics are well documented, but now I was experiencing it first hand. So, last weekend I took a look at the homes going through a price cut. They were all stale on the market. Price cutting was being used to spark up buyer interest. Further, THEY ALL WERE BEING ILLUSTRATED WITH DIY PHOTOS. I passed on the idea of contacting the agents involved since no one needs to have their nose rubbed by pointing out their lack of market performance. I won’t start going down that road.

Industry Facts

Research has long show the advantages of professional real estate photography. In case you need a refresher, I’ll be brief. Professionally photographed real estate listings…

  • Grab immediate attention once they hit the Internet. 90% of prospective home buyers start there. This is critical during the first few days when a home is fresh on the market.
  • A greater percentage of professionally photographed homes make it to the buyer’s short list, showings, and eventual offers.
  • These homes have a shorter time on the market before sale.
  • These homes sell for more than homes that use DIY photography.
  • Agents that use professional photography rise through the ranks faster due to their reputation of success.
  • More sales success stories >> word gets out among the community >> word of mouth listing referrals >> cycle repeats itself


Hold on, I’m not going to complicate this. Let’s say a stale-on-market listing has its price cut by about $10,000. Let’s further say that the listing agent’s commission, after all is said and done, is about 2% of the sale price. Right there, the loss of commission for the price cut is $200. As far as I am concerned, that is about 50% more than the initial investment in professional photography would have cost at the onset of the listing. Meanwhile, the sellers are irritated. Their experience is widely communicated, always coupled with the listing agents name. Down goes the agent’s reputation and down goes the word-of-mouth referrals. This could have been all avoided. See what I am referring to? Are you willing to risk that happening to you? Do you want to follow a path of successes and career advancement? It seems pretty clear to me that professional photography goes a long way towards avoiding price cuts.


Buck Schaeffel v2

My client, Buck Schaeffel, was so pleased with the results on our last shoot he has decided to use us for all his listings. (If you will recall, the last listing of Buck sold within three days of us shooting the home.)

Return to the future

This time, one of his own residences is one the market! Shot yesterday. Enjoy the virtual tour…

Escrow in three days!

Escrow in three days!

1008 Blazing Star Crossing

Here we go again!

I am proud to announce another quick sale after our photos hit the MLS. Shoot on Friday, offer accepted on Sunday. In escrow in three days! Buck Schaeffel, the Realtor, told me they are heading towards closing. Apparently, the virtual tour video motivated a prospective buyer to “fall in love with the place.”

Not the first time

We have had a few of these success stories now. We are proud that we were of service to those involved with this transaction. One thing to be observed…

When the photographer “sees the home” from the eyes of a prospective buyer, magic happens. We strive for that. And so, our slogan states it…


Another job done correctly – moving on to the next listing. Could that be yours? Sure. Call us at 435-275-5975.

All in a days work…

This is the latest collection of recent work we’ve delivered to Mesquite Realtors


My Historic Lake Home

Lake HomeTop Producer PixTwenty years ago, I was “browsing” for-sale houses in Euclid, Ohio. I really wanted a home by the water, a lake home ~ and Lake Erie certainly qualifies. On a Sunday drive-by I noticed a Craftsman Colonial gem that was on the beachfront.

It was built in 1918, totally remodeled, with a massive front porch overlooking the shoreline. To make a long story short, this place soon became my third home. I had no clue about the history of the property but neighbors soon filled me in. Here’s how that went…

“When it was first built it was a Speakeasy. Folks from Cleveland took the streetcar and packed the place every night (and over night). Then it was raided by the county sheriff (ELLIOT NESS). As ‘evidence’, the sheriff decided to move in to keep an eye on the place. Once he got a job offer from Chicago to form the Untouchables, he took off.”

But wait, there’s more!

“It was back running as a Speakeasy, only this time it was also a rumrunner warehouse filled with bootleg boated in from Windsor, Ontario. After prohibition ended, the house became a brothel for a while. After that it became a flophouse for unemployed carnival and circus workers. Then the family that sold you the house moved in and totally restored the house to its historic glory.”

All of this was, frankly, hard to believe. That evening I watched a PBS special about Elliot Ness. Sure enough, my house was on TV! Yes, those walls did talk.

Sun City Golfers Dream Home

Sun City

Sun City Golfer’s Alert!

This home needs to be on your short list. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2248 sqft, Office/Den, big corner lot fully landscaped and manicured, putting green, and much more.