real-estate-sold-sign-300x288The entire point of professional real estate photographer is to display the properties most desirable features in an appealing, captivating way. That pursuit, to us at least, must coexist with the need that the pictures must not be misleading or look overly manipulated. Simply, show the property at its best natural form. The benefit is that you get the most early interest and the showings go smoothly without any ethical doubt. This balance takes experience both in the camera and during the processing afterwards.

When you contact us to order a property shoot we will agree on…

  • The date and time for the work to be performed
  • How the property will be accessed
  • The expectations of condition and staging
  • The best-selling features of the property
  • The realtor’s and seller’s preferences
  • What specifically is being ordered
  • The cost and terms of payment
  • How and when the work will be delivered

We work on site with respect for the people and the property. We go to great lengths to keep a clean house clean. We are courteous, pleasant to work with, and ask before assuming.

We will make suggestions for remedying any overlooked staging, so long as it is within the realm of immediate resolution. This is part of using our experience to deliver the greatest benefit.

Between the camera work and the coordinated processing we make every effort to resolve darkness and brightness of the resulting photos. Additionally, color casts are normalized. Both of these items are done so that the photograph looks as the natural eye sees them. The camera doesn’t lie, but our human eyes do. Our brain automatically adapts to brightness range and color shifts. We are experienced to photograph brightness range and color to appear natural.

We are on time. We don’t book shootings on top of each other. We allow for travel time. We don’t rush through a shoot, but we don’t drag it out either.

We keep each client’s information confidential and separate. You will feel at ease with the privacy security we apply to your business.